The beauty of this Tribe is you can be a part of it from ANYWHERE!


Why Join?

It's simple really, because if you don't join you'll never see your true magic! The Gypsy Yoga Mama Tribe is about introducing women to the idea that they can embody all parts of themselves. The sensual, the gypsy, the lover, the healer, the mother, & the goddess. Joining the Tribe you build a lifelong bound with so many women, and truly unlock the magic within. 


It is hard to love on yourself when life gets in the way. It is hard to see the magic in the everyday when you are grinding through the everyday, but it is important to be present. There is magic happening right now! You are alive! You have a purpose, and the ancestors are walking with you, leading the way to your greatness. That is why you are here... you were led here to unleash that inner Goddess. She is roaring, calling out, and ready to be seen and heard.

So, what are you going to do? 


Tribe Perks:

Our Boutique is the truth!

GYM is your spiritual homegirl that has all your go-tos. Joining the Tribe gives you 10% OFF all your boutique purchases. No matter if we are at a Farmers Market, The Pop-Up Mobile, or online, Tribe Members get magical treatment. 





Every Month you'll get these little gems:

  • Witchy Readings (Monthly Astrology Forecast)

  • Monthly Spotify Playlist

  • Movement Sequences (Hoop, Yoga, Dance, etc.)

  • Meditation Mantra


Major Bonus Perks:

  • Be the first to know when spots open for our annual Girlfriend Glow Up Retreat 

  • Girlfriends Giving's Dinners Updates

  • Early Access to Boutique Items & Size Holds

  • Tribe Moon Circles



We know not everyone is down for a major commitment, but GYM wants to make sure we connect to all Goddesses so we have a level for all of you magical beings. 12 month commitment.

TRIBESHIP - $8.88 a mth:

  • New Yoga/ Movement Class once a week.

  • Blog Updates & Post.

  • Insider Deets on upcoming events. 


What is the cost? 

For $8.88 a month you invest in your spiritual growth. That's less than a cup of gourmet coffee. I bet you are worth way more than that, so why not really invest in yourself? 

You won't just purchase this membership and then forget about it because the TRIBE will become your safe space. You'll bloom like never before. Magic is real, you are magic and until you truly believe in yourself you won't be able to see all the sparkle that glows from you. So say YES! Join Today!

12 month commitment. 

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