Goddess / Amazon /Cosmic 

The trainings are a total of 100 hours. Each day you will be lead in a Gypsy Yoga Mama (GYM) Goddess style flow by the training Goddess. You will learn all 62 Asanas that make up the GYM brand, and how to link them together to create a inspiring sequence! Each participant will be asked to lead a student teaching portion in addition to breakdown the anatomy of asanas, their importance in the sequence, and where the energy should flow. You will also focus on the importance of the playlist, chants, and the GYM Goddess Mantra. Each participant will be named a fellow Goddess, and she will be referred to that while in training. 


If you want more from your practice, life, body, and ultimately your spirit, this is the training for you! You cannot be afraid of jump off the cliff to meet the new you, for she is waiting at the bottom!


Amazon: The origin of the actual word is hard to pin point. One theory is it derived from the meaning of a husbandless woman. In the early 1800’s a woman who wasn’t claimed or married was looked down on. The term was said to be used as a insult. However in Greek Mythology Amazon’s were just as strong as men, but female. It’s said that every great male figure in Greek history had to go fight, or join an Amazon. Not only were Amazon’s know to be beautiful, seductive, and alluring but also a force to be mighty, fearless, and of course valued her freedom. A true Amazon can’t be contained. She won’t follow the pack just because she’s been told to do so. No a real Amazon will stand in her truth alone, blaze her own trails, go fearlessly into any battle that life throws her way with her feminine energy flowing, hair glowing, and skin beaming. Simply put a Amazon will handle life like a Boss! So are you ready to unleash your inner Amazon? 

This Training is for the woman who wants to sweat, shake, and move fast. More Dance Inspired practice.


Goddess: A woman who is so beautiful, brilliant, and wholesome that she is simply not like any other women on Earth and therefore possesses some sort of uncommon spiritual element that while it cannot be solidly defined it is clearly present. A Goddess should poses many qualities such as peacefulness, representation, purity, honestly, freedom, and individuality. Many ancient religions worshiped some type of God or Goddess, but the different between the God & Goddess, she is always viewed as realistic, with form, and walking among not above. A Goddess can live on earth with everyone and still be of higher power without acknowledging it. Are you soft like a rose, but can prick thrones if life calls for it?

This Training is for the slow holders, deep back bends, and graceful inversions. 


 15 Days Intensive (On location) 

May 15th - 29th, 2022

  • Includes ALL teaching materials/books/supplies & lodging

  • Breakfast (Monday - Friday)

  • 6 hours each day of Yoga Training (Mon - Sat)

  • Daily Meditation (Mon -Sat)

  • Advance your study of asana (including proper alignment, benefits, and contraindications of the physical postures)

  • Understand the principles of anatomy and body mechanics

  • Explore the science and art of sequencing the GYM way

  • Learn how to teach online and in person

  • See and interpret how energy moves through the body

  • Use props to improve or modify a posture

  • Learn Sanskrit names 

  • Community Teaching

** Sundays are free days to use as students see fit.




(Payment Plan Options)


Q: How do I sign up? 

A: You can sign up online! - Simply Click YTT and you'll be directed to the sign up page. 

Q: How do I pay?

A: After signing up you'll be directed to a payment page where you can set up payment plan or pay in full. 

Q: Are there any Pre-requisite?

A: At GYM we suggest a active practice of 6 months. However we never want to turn down anyone. Our program is amaazing for beginner to advanced practitioners. 

Q: What if I'm not interested in being a teacher?

A: No problem! This program is for your personal understanding of the practice. It doesn't matter if you never teach anything we share with you. The practice should be personal before it is ever shared. 

Q: Is your training Yoga Alliance accepted?

A: No. I do not support the idea of Yoga Alliance or the Western idea of categorizing the practice. If you are taking a YTT program just to receive a certificate this is not for you. 

Q: Will I be prepared to teach a yoga class after this training?

A: YES! Our YTT programs are designed to make sure you know what you are sharing and teaching. We help build your confidence and voice so sharing the practice will be easy. 

Live Trainings