2021 Forecast

Tie Yourself Down, or you will get blown away. This year is controlled all by Air (Air Signs rule all year long). The fluid movement of freedom is a joyous experience, but you can get swept away very quickly and get lost in the windstorm.

This year your moral compass might adjust, and our society may fall to rebuild a new world. 2021 is about massive change (reformation of society) and innovation. The problem is, will it limit or free us?

Let us define AIR: Air is the invisible gas substance surrounding the earth. An impression of a quality or manner given by someone or something.

AIR ASTROLOGY: Air Signs are considered the thinkers, communicators, and the seers of the Zodiac. They move quickly never stopping to breathe. Their life mantra is simply: “To live and let live”. As the largest Air sign, Aquarius is the innovator and creator of the zodiac and is in the driver seat, but ideas flow through them, and the follow through is where they fall short. Air signs can be detached from reality and society often because they require lots of freedom, so do not try to contain or control them. It just will not work. However, even with being detached, Air signs are the most social signs of the Zodiac. But if Air signs stay in their own heads, they become imbalanced and their eccentric nature shows up. If Air overvalues or becomes consumed with intellect it can become difficult to live in our physical world.

If you were to breakdown each AIR SIGN and how they use their powers to affect the world around them, this is a good sense of what is in store:

Gemini – They use their element of “AIR” as an acute ability to instantly notice and communicate about everything their environment. (Social Media, Blogs, Podcast, News)

Libra – They use their “AIR” element as a drive to intellectually promote social harmony. (TV, Advertisement)

Aquarius – They use their “AIR” element to achieve the most remarkable ability to be detached yet have the ability to connect all people to every concept. Scary right? ( Social Media, Cell Phone, The Internet)

Just leaving the Forecast there makes me nervous, but it also shows that the universal order is real. Our society at the moment is consumed with all things technological and innovative. People go to Social Media to make sense of their own lives. The news is more about opinion than fact, and everyone knows everything about all things yet they know nothing. We are living in the time that intellect or creation is more valuable than life. And when that happens, so does imbalance.

Important Dates for 2021:

Eclipses –

• Lunar Eclipse – Sagittarius May 26th

• Solar Eclipse – Gemini June 10th

• Lunar Eclipse – Taurus November 19th

Taurus controls $$$ so this Eclipse might bless you with a windfall of money or a boost to the global economy. We will not be blessed with that magic again until April 2022

• Solar Eclipse – Sagittarius December 4th

Mercury Retrograde –

• January 30 – Feb 21: Aquarius

• May 29 – June 22: Gemini

• September 22 – October 23: Libra ** Might be an easy Retrograde

Highlight Days (Time Periods)

"The Fall Out" -- Saturn & Uranus Go Head-to-Head

Saturn is the responsible planet whereas Uranus is the rebellious one, so you can already imagine the struggle, but Saturn is hanging out with Aquarius who adores freedom so together they are chucking responsibility into the wind, and Uranus is laying down with Taurus who plays no games and is grounded deep. So, both planets are not doing what they traditionally do, and are battling opposite concepts. It is a recipe for madness.

– These days highlight times that may seem like everyone is ready for a fight. There could be a major blow up in the political arena or just a family fight but try to steer clear of this aggressive energy by tying yourself down, and ground with some self-assurance practices like Yoga or meditation.

• February 17th

• June 14th

• December 24th

"Rose Colored Glasses type of Summer"

• May 13th – July 28th

Jupiter is a beneficial planet, signifier of luck and fortune, and he rules religion, philosophy, spirituality, wealth. In the Summer of 2021 Jupiter lands in Pisces. Expect to enjoy a bliss filled summer of dreaminess, absent-mindedness, and ecstasy. Everything and everyone will seem just magical and perfect. Not too many complaints will occur because everyone will be riding the wave of that Pisce