About three years ago I came across a word that sparked my interest “Hygge.” I have always been a lover of words and this one seemed special the moment I found it. The definition alone makes it inspiring.

Hygge: (Scandinavian) Creating a warm, comforting environment and enjoying the good, simple things in life with those you care about. Hygge encourages slowing down, simplifying, and being present in your life.

Basic practices of Hygge:

· Create warm lighting in your home with candles or slow glow lamps.

· Place throw blankets around the home for easy access.

· Read / Journal daily.

· Place flowers in the rooms you spend the most time in.

· Regularly take walks in nature.

I thought creating a 7-Day challenge to make your days simply magical would by my part in helping you find more “Hygge” in your life.

Day One:

Shop at a local grocery store or farmer’s market. Buy a bouquet of flowers and split it into three smaller jars. Display them in the three of your favorite rooms in your home.

Day Two:

Create something! You can bake cookies or muffins, knit a scarf, or write a handwritten letter to someone and mail it out. Enjoy doing something with your hands that will bless someone else.

Day Three:

Plan a night without ANY SCREENS! Make everyone in your home participate. Cook dinner and have everyone eat at the table. Enjoy the meal, make sure to eat dessert, and decorate with candles. Close the evening with a board game or story time.

Day Four:

Bundle up and go for a walk. Invite a friend or family member and take in the sights, smells, and enjoyable conversation.

Day Five:

Spend ALL day reading. Pick up all your favorite magazines, snuggle in with a new/ or old book, or write one yourself. Put on your favorite loungewear and relax.

Day Six:

Host a Movie night! Invite the ones you love, turn off the lights, make popcorn and throw all the pillows and blankets on the floor and cozy up to enjoy a special experience with the ones you cherish. - Suggestions: SING 2 -was amazing a loads of family fun. Ghostbusters - really great movie and brought back fun childhood memories.

Day Seven:

Gratitude Journal. Write in detail about your 7-Day experience with Hygge. Tell why you are grateful for the days, and what you will keep close to your heart.

Allow yourself to enjoy the slower pace, the simple pleasures and the bliss of being present in the "extra"ordinary magic of everyday.


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