Break it Down

So the world is finally starting to crack the doors open to moving around in other people's space again, which means some of us are teaching again. Teaching has always been a trade of energy and knowledge but more now than ever. No touching, no adjustments, no chatty rooms to enter into, no "welcome in" hugs, no real vibes at all. It's strange, and a bit off putting to be honest but I'm trying to be open minded and allow the universe to guide me through the unknown. What I have noticed more than ever now is that lots of humans have no idea about their own bodies. Like, no idea! You can see the people that never talk to their bodies, never over extend their arms just because. Never given themselves foot rubs, never even looked at the anatomy of their bodies. never taken up space. What's even stranger is the actual practice of yoga asanas is a personal modification of your make up. In any given yoga asana you can change the blood flow of your entire body. You can close and open an airway passage, you can bind a body part to not receive any oxygen, you can turn upside without being upside down, you can do more damage to your body before you can do any good. So the idea that people will mosey into any given class with any given teacher and just offer up their bodies, spirit, energy, and mind is ludicrous. I LOVE teaching, but it pains me to see folks jumping into a asana they aren't ready for, or not listening to the correct prompts to carefully arrive into an asana.

Since I can't be everywhere and help everyone I thought I'd do my part by helping where I can. Until the end of the calendar year of 2021 I'll share some fundamental asanas that I believe are vital to a healthy active practice. Your goal in a asana practice should follow a few steps.

  1. You know where the energy begins and ends with each asana.

  2. You are using your breath to control any discomfort and increase ease within the asana.

  3. You know when to modify a pose that you aren't ready for.

  4. You know when to check your EGO.

  5. You know what body part or anatomy the asana is working on.

  6. You should beware of correct alignment ques and verbiage.

  7. Your practice grows!

This "Break It Down Series" will highlight lots of helpful information that I promise will spark a new way of looking at "old" or "basic" asanas. I'll chat about how to get in and out of asanas, where the energy should start, where your Drishti should be focused, and lots more. I'm not saying my way is the right way, but I have held a personal practice since 2000 and I my body talks to me all the time. I just want to share what works for me, and just maybe it'll work for you.

In addition to the series, I've finalized my GYM YTT 100hr offering and you can sign up today! Yep, 15 day intensive of yoga, meditation, journaling, exploration, and being present with yourself and like minded people. For more details click here.

You can get EVERY VIDEO in the B.I.D. series by joining the video subscription via my site or by subscribing to my YOUTUBE channel. So… now what are you waiting on?

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