Fly high your Airy Empresses. Happy Birthday Gemini ♊️

To better understand yourself and your life, Gemini, it can help to understand where you came from. If you have not done so already, this could be a great time to explore your family history deeply. By going back in time in this way, you may discover things about your ancestors that had an impact on you. This can help to both inspire you and help you reconcile yourself to certain difficulties you have experienced personally. You may receive the option of either doing something different in your career, or learning a new career entirely. You may even contemplate opening up your own business in June. And although this is the perfect time to start learning and imagining, you need a full foundation of knowledge to make such a move, so take your time. You are not someone who likes to play it safe. That's not to say that you are a crazy risk-taker, but you do love the thrill of an adventure. This is not the time to go there, though, so be very discerning this month about getting involved in things that are even a little bit crazy or risky. Even though there may be a certain tempting opportunity, you need to maintain a level head and resist the urge to jump in headfirst. If you do, you may wind up creating a problem that will be very difficult to correct.

Relationships are in the spotlight at the Sagittarius supermoon on June 14. A key partnership that’s been developing since the December 4 Sagittarius solar eclipse could reach an important turning point. Things may get official, or you might decide to go your separate ways.

Use the first three weeks of June to explore those, especially once Mercury retrograde ends on June 3. You’ll be clear-headed and ready to put your energy into new initiatives. Also during this time you might find a new and happier understanding of someone you work with or deal with routinely is possible this week, Gemini. You may not even want to bother at first, but when the chance arises to spend some time with a certain individual or to engage in conversation, take it on. You will be happy you did. There have been lots of signs of hope recently for a venture you have been hoping to become involved in. This week, a great big opportunity related to this may be the payoff for all of your optimism and hope. Be very mindful of what you are doing, keep notes in a journal and ask questions that come to mind. This experience will be quite beneficial and valuable to you in the future. A certain ending in your life has been developing for quite some time. Although this may be a romance, it could also be something like a job. But whatever it is, this is an ending that should be celebrated because it will open up a pathway toward new things in your life - things that may be better for you personally. You may be thinking about making a big change in your life, but this is not something you should rush into right away. You may not be ready. The time may not be right. And before you make such a significant move, you should really have something else in place. Think about this throughout the week, for you may soon meet someone who can help you in this journey.

Your last week: June 13-19th, 2022

A rush of love or feelings of compassion toward someone you don't normally relate to very well could happen at the start of this week. You may find this odd, Gemini, but you must go with what you are feeling. There could be a reason for this seemingly new connection to this individual, even though you can't figure it out. If you follow your heart, though, it will begin to make perfect sense. Around the middle of the week, you might feel the need to seek out some solitary time and space. You have some deep things to think about, and isolating yourself for a little while will help you to come to the right conclusions. Don't feel bad about making excuses to those who are seeking out your company if this is how you're feeling. You can feel that a certain relationship that was once quite immersed in your life may be coming to an end. And even though this is probably a good thing, there is still some sadness associated with it. Just put it into perspective by recognizing the good that came of it was worth any pain or difficulties you experienced. Be grateful for that.

Love Days: 9, 13

Money Days: 18, 1

Luck Days: 26, 17

Off Days: 24, 11, 14

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