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African traditions and livelihood were stolen, and then turned around in stories to make us believe witchcraft was a bad thing. You still hear the lies being told: witches are ugly, mean, hateful, and only do bad things to good people. They only wear black, stay up all night, and live dreadful lives. Well that is just not the truth! The truth is most of the time the community witch was the doctor, the marriage counselor, the doula, the chef, and most importantly the most respected in the tribe. Yes, they may have lived alone, but not lonely by any means. The Tribe Witch was the head of the tribe, the brain to all the folks in the community, keeping them safe, healthy, and most importantly, protected. See… if you want to break a connection you must destroy the head first. So, the stories were made up, passed on with each generation and then the most valued creator was pushed away into the clouds.

Well, I am here to help my community find that magic again. I definitely consider myself a Witch! Oh Yes! I did not go looking, but one day it just clicked. I needed to practice certain things to make sure my children and my lineage was protected and cared for. Then one day while reading I found a little story about the Kitchen Witch. Everything it mentioned, I was already doing. Everything made sense and ever since I have tried to practice the same rituals to ensure my magic would grow and blossom. We all know the kitchen is the heart of any home. When you have company, family and friends all gather in one place: the kitchen! That space speaks volumes even when no one is in that room. You can tell a person’s sheer character by the kitchen alone. The kitchen is magical whether you practice or not. So, I thought I would share how to enhance or introduce yourself to the magic of the kitchen. And if you are practicing your witchy work, these little tips will definitely help you grow that yummy essence of all things mysterious.

First things first, what is a Kitchen Witch? Someone who makes magic in the kitchen and in the home using food or spices. The Kitchen Witch is able to channel their magic into energy of food and kitchen duties. They have the ability to heal with food, feel emotions with food, and protect with food and tinctures. The simple act of sweeping is one of the most enchanting practices you can involve yourself with. So, what do you need to know?


Your herbs and spices are one of the most significant tools you will have in your pantry. They are vital to your spell work. No matter if you create the spices or grow the herbs yourself (which helps a lot if you do) but having some of the must haves are a requirement to the work.

Must haves: Cinnamon, Pepper, Salt, Oregano, Basil, Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Onions


A Kitchen Witch works with spirits! Even making the simple meal requires a little help to make it magical. The support of your ancestors is essential to making the impossible possible. Every witch has a guardian or spirit guide that did the previous work in the lineage. They are the voice you always hear, the person you talk to when you need help, they are the ones who visit in your dreams. They are always with you, even when you feel alone. They are always helping you, teaching you, protecting you, and most of all they are aiding you in the magical process of cooking, creating, and inspiring. Adding them in your kitchen space is imperative. Remember you must give offerings often to let them know you are thankful, grateful, and aware that you are not doing this alone (i.e. when cooking solely for spirits you cannot use salt). I often try to recite mantras, or spells while I sweep. I also ONLY use a real wood and cornhusk broom. I am the only one in my kitchen that uses that certain broom. I know the spirit knows when I pull it out, I need to talk. You see, spirit enjoys conversation. So do your herbs! So have tea with your spirits often, share secrets, and give them treats that they enjoy!


To most Witches your entire home is sacred, but to a Kitchen Witch there might be more magical touches within the kitchen space. Maybe create a full altar if you have the space. Add an ancestor’s picture or favorite object in the kitchen. Bring house plants into your kitchen, name them, talk to them, tell them secrets, feed them, sing to them, give them life and they in turn will reward you. Every Kitchen Witch will have lots of nature in her kitchen like crystals, wood, seashells, candles, incense, and rocks.


Create spells or sayings while you cook. They can be amazingly simple like: Nourish this meal so it may fill my family’s bellies and spirits. Cooking is the staple of witch work. It is the beginning of learning how to create spells. The gathering of the ingredients, the chopping, the prepping, the measuring, it is all magic. Make sure you use a wooden spoon while you are doing witchy work. Plastic is manmade and therefore its no good in the spirit world. Just like your broom, no one should cook with your spiritual tools. You should have your own knives, spoons, and of course, cast iron pots. If by chance someone uses them, just clean them by washing with hot water and lavender soap or fresh lavender. Remember to recite: These are mine and mine alone, no one else’s energy shall roam.


Every Witch has her very own book of shadows. Some have many books, some keep them only in their heads, some only have one that they keep in the kitchen. Your Kitchen Shadow Book might have family recipes, herb know-hows and what nots, secrets of allergies, deadly or sick inducing plants, how to use flowers and herbs to heal, and what plants and foods can go directly on the body. It can be a modest notebook, a three ring binder, or a fancy little number you have created yourself, but nonetheless you should have it somewhere in your kitchen. It should be slightly tucked away, but in the light so when you need it it’s easily accessible, but not on full display for anyone to just grab it.

Magic has been in my life since I was a little girl, and sometimes when I’d share things with people who weren’t as open minded they seemed to not even listen, but I never stop listening to the trees, the flowers, and the wind. I would see the birds watching me, and I knew SPIRIT was always with me. It was not until I started cooking that things started happening. That is when I understood where my place was. I enjoy cooking more than I often share, and I do not do it to gain anything. But the art of making, creating, and sometimes enchanting folks through food makes my spirit sing. Yes, we can all use our powers for evil, but that would not be any fun, so I use mine to nourish, bless, and heal everyone who eats something I’ve created. I am honored to be a Kitchen Witch, and I will only get better. So, if you wanna play nice, we can do this, but if you piss me off… do not drink the tea!

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