My Current FAVORITE things

We need things that make us feel excited and happy about the future. The countless daydreams of far of places and gathering with friends again is definitely keeping my spirits high, but I also have a few items that have made this time pass easier. Here is my list of a few of my current favorite things. I'd suggest you make a list to remind yourself how fucking cool you are.

1. COOKING! - If you know me you already know I enjoy cooking, but lately I've been doing a lot of other recipes and trying things I was afraid of before. Some new recipes I've made were a Spinach Pesto, Mushroom Gravy, Mango Sangria, Curry Lentil Stew, & Bean Salad with Fried Onions. Interested in any of these recipes, they'll be added to the website this week!

2. OXALIS - I found this beauty on my recent pick up from the local plant nursery. Yes, I am still plant shopping, judge if you may. But I needed something to brighten up the sea of green in my kitchen and I found her. She reminds me of a beautiful regal lady. Her petals open and close during the day, she's a very deep purple, and even has tall stems that have white flowers on them. To top it off she was potted in an old tea kettle. I spotted her and knew she'd love to come home with me.

3. WITCHING HOUR RED BLEND - OMG when I tell you this wine is yummy, I mean it! It's a heavy body red but not overpowering at all. It's great with Breads, or a pasta dish. I even bought the Sweet Red Blend and used it in the Sangria, so freaking yummy. It's not expensive, but it's not dirt cheap either. I think it's a great addition to your collection especially now. I found it through my awesome girlfriends, but I know they have it at Top Wine & More for sure.

4. COFFEE - Iced! Hot! With Whisky. In the morning, in the evening, and even at midnight. Yes, I'm drinking coffee. Coffee to me is more than just drinking a product, it's an experience. It's warming and comforting even when it's over ice. To me, it's a safety net of familiarity that I so need at this time. I've been trying more flavors than I usually do, because I am usually a straight black girl with honey, or raw sugar. But I had the pleasure of ordering some yummy flavors and it made the best on the deck sipping experience to say the least.

5. MY DECK - Look when I tell you I love to be outside it's never been a joke, but now with very little room in my home for alone time, meditation/journaling or yoga it's a MUST that I get outside. Hearing the birds sing, and getting my hands dirty in the garden, watering the flowers, and letting the sun feel me up with Vitamin D my Deck has become my living room. I have never been a TV girl, so my deck has been the friend that has listened to me cry, cradled me while I flowed, rocked with me while I danced, and been okay with the kids consist in and out abuse. If there was an award to give out the Deck would most definitely be the real MVP!