New Moon Grace

I seriously debated about even writing a blog post about the NEW MOON 🌚 since everyone is an expert now on the matter, but then I heard a little voice that said: “Shut Up Briana who cares what you think? Share what you know!”

So, here’s goes:

  • First it’s okay to feel extremely tired, lethargic even during the actual day of a New Moon and a few days before and after. You can feel fatigued, emotionally exhausted, or even a unwillingness to do anything. The New Moon is a time of full darkness, and it’s considered to be one of the hardest Tithi, which can heighten stress. So some people instead of leaping around in a glittery dust need to retreat, and rest fully for the rebirth process.

  • If you’re interested in getting the best results out of a New Moon try to listen to your body, your subconscious and your intuition. Forget what Instagram says or would your local guru suggest listen to you first! Your spirit guide knows best!

  • New Moons are the lowest point of a transition, so the blues are real. Don’t fight it. Swim in it and figure out how you can grow from it. Embrace the melancholy and know that without darkness no light would ever be noticed.

  • Even though you may feel blue, it is a great day for planting ideas, hopes, and preparing for the future. Just like starting a garden, you must sow seeds way before they actually reach the garden beds. So maybe clean up: (especially around your front door) throw away things that you don’t need, clear your work or creative space, and make sure to add some special scents to this process.

  • Cleanse your body. Take a bath. Visit a sauna. Sweat. Detox to make sure you cleanse your body and after put on clean clothes.

  • No, don’t start anything new on the actual New Moon date. Because the energy is at a low vibration it can cause unstable reactions. Don’t confront anyone, or search for answers, the messages will come confused, and unfavorable.

  • It’s a great time to do visualization work. Like vision boards, or creative craft journalism. Actually see what you desire, write about it like it’s already yours. Picture yourself in that moment, feel yourself holding the items you desire. Be there on that beach. By looking at what you desire most allows these things into your life.

  • Make sure to cross out your wishes and desires as the come true throughout the full Moon cycle. And ALWAYS THANK THE UNIVERSE for anything you receive.

Wish Rituals:

  1. General Wish: Write down your wish. Wrap it up. Say it out loud and ask the universe for help. Hide it. And only retrieve it to burn it when it comes true.

  2. Health Wish: Put a bowl, cup, or bucket of water on your windowsill facing the Moon. In the morning pour the water over yourself (or the person you are healing) from head to toe. It is believed that this ritual will replenish your vital force.

  3. Money Wish: Every night starting at the New Moon up to the Full Moon put a full wallet on the windowsill. It’s believed this will increase your cash flow.

  4. Reconnect Wish: Interested in chatting with an ancestor? Write a letter to that person. Go to your window or outside to the Moon and ask her to share the message with whomever. Read it out loud. Thank her for relaying the message and tell your loved one: Because of you I can share. I hope you can hear me as I always hear you. Burn the letter and watch the wind take the smoke and message to them.

Honestly all of the rituals and rules only apply to your beliefs. What you feel in your vibe is what is real to you. You can only hear what you listen to. You can only see what you look for. You can only grow if you plant seeds. I only share what I’ve done, or what I too have learned. Find your own New Moon 🌚 Grace because it will work for us all differently. Be blessed.

Bri 🌙

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