New Moon Madness

New Moon, Black Moon, Super Moon, and so much more happening July 31st @ 11:11pm.

This New Moon happening on July 31st at 11:11pm eastern time is full of magic, madness and plenty of emotions. Not only does Mercury end Retrograde around 9pm tonight we also have the second New Moon of the month (why it’s called a Black Moon) it’s pretty rare that we actually witness an ending in one planet and get a new beginning about an hour later. Magic is definitely in the air, but so is change. So let's dig deep.

In the last month or so we’ve did the heavy swimming with Cancer. We’ve done the crying, fighting, emotional seesaw and now we’re finally ready to start looking on the bright side of change, but some of us might not be ready. Oh but change is coming whether you’re ready or not.

We all know New Moons are a great time to plant the seeds of your dreams, desires and goals. It’s really a time to trust the universe and know what you are asking for is being heard. It’s a time of new beginnings and that’s a great feeling. The last month you might have come to some endings and lots and lots of feelings but all that introspective work had to happen to move you in the right direction. Changes are not always welcomed and sometimes you need to be pushed, Mother Moon and the universe definitely did that last month. Now you can reflect on all that’s happened and move forward. It’s time to step out your comfort zone! You’ve got 4 weeks of magic behind you so start fresh.

In starting fresh don’t be discouraged if what you start doesn’t start growing right away. We still have Retrograde fog until around August 15th so be patient with yourself and your goals. Which leads me to this months theme: BE PATIENT!

This New Moon has a lot of moving parts. In addition to the moon being in the sign of Leo it also rest in the constellation of Cancer. This combo can be quite impulsive, rebellious and down right aggressive. So be patient especially in your relationships. Why your relationships your wondering, because the other moving parts of this New Moon is Venus & Uranus! Yes they also have their hands in the pot. So again going back to the theme of this month... you need to be patient. If you find yourself starting to stress or become anxious slow down! Meditate! Listen to your intuition!

Venus is all about the Love & Finances. They will definitely be the focus this month. But the Moon also squares Uranus which might bring in uncertainty, tension and unexpected changes. So be ready for anything!

It’s okay to still be questioning old habits, behaviors and beliefs. Retrograde still had a lingering fog and not everything is crystal clear just yet, that’s why listening to your inner guru really matters now.

This New Moon is a great time to have fun! Let your hair down. Socialize. Go do more activities. Party. Date. Get out and about. You’ll definitely feel more caring and loving because of that Cancer constellation but remember you might still be a bit sensitive and easy upset. Plus with the Leo get up and go attitude you might react before you think, so Be Patient.

With the square in Uranus there will be some unexpected changes so don’t panic. Even if the change seems to rock your world is only for the better. Don’t allow those feelings of tension and anxiety lead you down a mess hole. If you do it can definitely lead you to be very rebellious and very aggressive. If you’re ready for a fight, we’ll let the maniac loose otherwise think before you react. This could also lead you into an accident. The energy is high so be patient.

Venus being involved creates the Rose Colored glasses affect. If you’ve been in a relationship that you’ve been feeling smothered, confined or bored this month might bring some spark back. A healthy relationship won’t be affected at all by the moon but if you’re in one that has a very closed minded person don’t lose your shit. Remember Uranus energy is strong so you can definitely find yourself single by the end of the month if you lead with emotions. Sudden separations are possible. If your in a relationship and you don’t use this time to communicate you might end up with an affair on your hands. The passion of Venus is undeniable. If you’re single you’ll likely be doing plenty of flirting and might have a lot of dates or short lived flings. Nothing you start will probably become long term but that doesn’t mean you can have fun. Single folks will fall hard for the bad boy/girl because that rebellious spirit is flowing.

Things to watch this month: Over spending Over indulging Venus makes everything look great. You still have Cancer feelings so you might be doing some emotional eating, drinking, & shopping. The best way to make sure you don’t end up poor next month is to step back and ask yourself is this purchase tied to a feeling? Do I really need this?

Something to do this month: Redecorate Makeover Have fun with yourself and your home. Try something you would never do! You might find that’s exactly what you needed.

In summary just be still enough to be patient with yourself. The dial is on high, and it should be fun and exciting but your emotions can bring you to a very dark place. So BE PATIENT!

Love, Light & Magic


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