Spinach Pesto

People always ask me why I eat the way I do? I hate calling myself a Vegan because I am not a label. I eat things I can relate to. I prefer not to take in any flesh, because on a spiritual level I do not want to carry that animals’ life force with me. Have you ever eaten something and felt some kind of way out of nowhere? Hmmm, even the thought makes my skin tingle, so I try to eat what I know I can process; spiritually, physically, and mentally. I am the girl that if I cannot make it at home, I am not eating it out. Period. So, things like Ketchup, no eat. But Bar-b-que sauce is a go because I can actually make that at home. Recently I have been trying more pasta dishes. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of pasta, but when I made this sauce recently, I have been putting it one everything, and well it makes everything even better.

Spinach Pesto


2 Cups of Fresh Spinach

1 Large Garlic Clove

½ Cup of Water

½ Cup of Chopped Almonds (Any nut you like)

¾ Cup of Grapeseed Oil

½ tsp. of Himalayan Pink Salt

½ tsp. of Black Pepper

1 tsp. of Cumin

Add every ingredient into a Blender or Food processor and whip until exceptionally smooth. Once you have done that place in jar and put in the fridge for about 30 minutes, so it make thicken. Cook your pasta or whatever dish you want to add to the sauce, and then enjoy. I added red pepper flakes to the mix because I like everything spicy. I hope you enjoy.

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