Staycation or Break down.

It has literally been a year since the first lock down, and even though people are moving around slowly it's still no fun to be out and about. The mandatory mask requirements, the weird circles everywhere telling you where to stand, the extremely dry and cracked hands from all this alcohol based cleaner, and of course just fear running around makes the once simple run for coffee seem like you're about to fight zombie's for the last cup you'll ever enjoy. It's just been enough, and now it's time for you to treat yourself girl! You deserve a break or you'll break down. I've come up with a few things I've been doing to stay sane, and try to find a bit of the magic that was taken away.

  1. Rent a Airbnb/Cabin outside of your city. A new atmosphere can change your entire mood. Try renting something that will put you closer to nature. Maybe a cute place with a balcony where you can enjoy your morning cup of joe, or a evening cocktail with your sweetie. Try hard not to rent a place that has TV's and take your newest book, journal or yoga mat. Just disappear and enjoy the luxury of self care.

  2. Luxury Hotel Stay. If you are not afraid of visiting hotels right now you can get some sweet deals on luxury rooms and rock bottom prices. Go ahead a book a one night stay just for yourself. Ask for early check in, order room service or Uber eats, pack your favorite bottle of wine, and just lounge up. Take the longest slower you can. Walk around in just your robe, maybe visit the pool at the hotel, and retreat.

3. Spa Day. Spa's got hit hard early in the pandemic and most of them are small business owners that need people. Lots of Spas have great deals now that combine a few services for maybe the price of one. I've visited 3 in the last 6 months and haven't paid more than $50 for any service that was a hour long.

4. Road Trip/Day Trip. I love road trips. It's something about being in the car, taking in the sites, watching the sky move, and playing my favorite tunes that just makes my spirit sing. Pick somewhere on the map and just drive there. A easy day trip is a good 2hr drive in any direction. Check out the trails, the parks, the downtown city walks, and be a tourist that has to show themselves around. You'd be surprised at what you might find just the next city over.

We all need more TLC, and space to just be without creating, achieving, or completing. Stop your To-Do list today Goddess, and start planning your next Staycation.

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