The Moon said wait to Chop!

Should I cut my hair?

Lately I’ve noticed lots of folks cutting their hair. Whether it be for a fresh start, a cleansing ritual or just a different look, cutting your hair is not as easy as you may have thought.

In ancient times haircuts where only performed by the Spirit Elder and on certain days of the lunar calendar year. The phases of the Moon, Lunar days and position of the Moon affect the growth and health of your hair, not to mention your mental health. Traditionally it’s believed that the Moon has a huge impact on our lives, moods, and energy sources and conducting cleansing or detachment rituals on certain days can affect your vitality. Even when I do cut my hair I never throw it away because I’m not trash. Everything we do has a impact on our essence and the universe listens even in our actions there are words being spoken.

It’s important to remember that the head is our coordinating center. Or consciousness speaks loudest there, our psyche directs our limbs, and our spirit portal starts at the crown, so protection is needed at all cost. Impacting your wholeness for a cute “DOO” just isn’t worth affecting your overall being.

Haircuts fall into 3 different categories as far as the Moon goes. Favorable, Unfavorable or Neutral.


Cutting your hair on a favorable day will make it healthier, accelerate the growth and will not affect your energy source at all. Your hair is your crown, your health literally birthed into your flowing glory. Favorable days are best for the BIG chop, or even a trim. Personal it’s the only time I cut anything growing (nails, hair, shaving).


On a neutral day energy is balanced and Luna has no impact either way. However knowing where your Sun and Moon are hanging out might help you decide to cut or not to cut. Listen to your intuition on these days, and best practice would be to wait. On a side note I personal think neutral days are a great day to perform a wax, you can keep your energy level safe, and not impact your root chakra at all.


Cutting your hair on a unfavorable day can slow down your hair growth, and have a negative impact on your hairs overall health. On these days I’d suggest not even a tiny trim and for best results wrap your hair up and leave it alone. Don’t oil, treat or even wash. Disturbing your crown when negative energy moves easily around us is basically setting yourself up for BS. I’d suggest no shaving or waxing on these days as well. Who needs negative Nancy living in your Vagina?

Key tips to consider:

  1. Haircuts during the Waning Moon will slow down hair growth (length) but will strengthen the roots and reduce hair loss.

  2. Never cut your hair after eating!

  3. Unfavorable days are usually around the 4th, 9th, 14th, New Moons, Full Moons and Sun transit days.

  4. Only about 10 days out the month are actually Favorable. Giving lots of respect for the people who rarely trim, or wash as their personal essence is heavily present.

  5. Never cut on a Tuesday (ruled by Mars - Aggressive energy) and if you can help it Saturday’s (ruled by Saturn - sadness and limitations)

  6. Always THANK the Moon for allowing your hair to grow before trimming. Tell her you are pleased and the trim is an offering to her glory. (After all she’s a women she wants to be reminded how amazing she is)

Nothing I say is set in stone, and it’s all a practice I try to follow to help my spirit live lighter. Listen to your inner guru and walk in your own path, just know the Moon is watching you and she has lots to say.

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