What does your circle feel like?

Updated: Oct 27

A circle should feel like an energy field that encourages a practice of getting together with other women beings. It’s an exchange of magic! Various cultures, groups, tribes have practiced this for centuries. Women got together to create art, pass down traditions, tell fortunes, celebrate and heal. Nowadays you might see it happening virtually, or simply called “Girls Night Out.” It really doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s about how it makes your soul feel. Does your energy feel comfortable? Inspired? Illuminating? No matter what your circle focuses on it should be a space where everyone grows, and expands.

So… are you thinking how to create your own “circle” or what you could add to your already magical circle. Here’s some helpful tips.

Creating/ Just Starting:

  1. Choose a theme/topic that’s relatable to everyone who is invited. (Themes can be simple like: Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, Food,etc)

  2. Pick a meeting location and time frame. (Like every Full Moon/ New Moon🌕)

  3. Adding practices that open feminine energy like Dancing, Singing, & Body practices.

  4. Using Oracle cards or Tarot cards will also add a spiritual flair to any circle. Maybe crown one Goddess to be responsible for this practice.

The host of any circle is vital to the circles growth. The more honest the space and atmosphere is, the more authentic every woman will be. A great space to hold circles would be in the host’s home or a blessed space. So… you want to host? Here’s some tips:


  1. The more authentic and raw you are the better.

  2. Only share what you practice.

  3. Ask the tough questions to yourself first.

  4. If your spirit is restless, everyone will be too. So come prepared and heavily meditated.

Your circle should always make space for every woman to calm down, relax, slow down and devote time to herself. It is especially favorable to get together on Fridays, because it’s the day of Venus. We all know Venus is the Goddess of beauty, love, and aesthetic pleasure. Don’t forget Friday’s color palate is all bright colors. A great day for pampering, buying yourself flowers, and self care rituals.

Your circle’s space is vital to your transformation. The atmosphere must be honest, warm, feminine, and balanced. Women only heal with understanding and love. Your circle should return everyone who participates to their real selves. Every woman should feel comfortable with being imperfect, making mistakes, or even being sad. If nothing else your circle should feel like a space where you can drop all of your duties, responsibilities, burdens, and restrictions. Everyone woman should only belong to HERSELF! Sharing what is honest and authentic to her journey.

So Sis, go build or grow a “circle” that feels like silk on your soul, that feels like a song your heart wrote, and a dance that unleashes your brilliance!

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