What's in a name?

There is a difference between GYPSY * Boho * Hippie... Read to find out.

Recently I was asked why the name “Gypsy Yoga Mama”? When the question was posed it sounded like she was criticizing the name already, without any definition given. She had already made up her mind about the name of my brand. Nonetheless, I explained to her why I choose it and why I thought it described my essence pretty well. But when I got home the question seemed to nag me. I needed more. I needed to know in my soul that I picked the right name. So I started on a journey about the definition of Gypsy.

So many people lump Gypsy with other terms like: Boho, Hippie, Homeless, and Wanderlust just to name a few. I thought it would benefit everyone if maybe these common terms were broken down.


Definition: A person who has informal and unconventional social habits.

The term started out as a cultural movement in Paris. A wave of writers, artist, and musicians moved into the area and their lifestyles poured into the culture of Paris streets. Because most people who fall into those categories are underpaid, the term made their daily lives seem more spectacular. Around 1930 Pop culture defined the term “Bohemian” a “One who lives a vagabond, unregimented life without assured resources; one who does not worry about tomorrow.”


Definition: A person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values. The term started in the 1960s. The flower child era, the potheads, the free spirited, and the homeless are general terms modern day culture uses to define a Hippie. But in actuality the “Hippies” were children of the wealthy, the privileged, and white. Most people who participated in the movement were highly educated children who had different political outlooks from their parents. Escaping from society, rules and labels, the movement was born. Leisure appearance, relaxed work ethics, and anti government makes most people believe “Hippie” and “Gypsy” are the same thing, but they are completely different. Hippie & Bohemian are lifestyle choices or a Social Movement, but “Gypsy” is very different.


Definition: A member of a traveling people, traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi. Traditional Gypsy refers to the people of Romania. People of India around 800-1000 AC or Arabic tribes. They were forced from their homelands, stripped of their culture, traditions, and ancestral rights. Around 1500 they were setting up camps around East Asia and Eastern Europe. Even with their age long history of slavery, prosecution and oppression they have actually maintained there independency.

So now back to the original question: “What’s in a name?” Why Gypsy Yoga Mama?

I believe “Black” people are the chosen ones. We are the creators of all people. Everyone comes from our womb. The mother of all human beings was a black woman. Shit even science just provided that. In return we are treated like second class citizens. Black people have been raped of our culture, our homelands, our ancestors, our rights (Remember we were three-fifths of a person and considered as property in the constitution… You know the one we still use) , and our families. We are the creators of “GYPSY”; by all context we are forever homeless. There is no going back, reclaiming, finding the truth. Its been hid so long no one really knows. There is no resting your feet into the land that birthed our spirits. For that I will always be a Gypsy! A lost soul looking for home. I am Gypsy & She is Me! I am a Gypsy who lives for the “YOGA” practice, who embraces the Yama’s & Niyama’s daily. I meditate to deal with life and sometimes just take myself to new heights. I am a slow breath, an asana to clear the blockage in my body. By choice I am and will always be a “MAMA” to three beautiful spirits.

So yeah, Hello I am: GYPSY YOGA MAMA!

Love, Light & Magic,


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