What's in your Pantry?

Everybody nowadays is jumping on the no meat train but fall off really quick because you have got to be creative when cooking an all-vegetable lifestyle. That’s why my suggestion is always a stocked pantry! Once you master the art of necessities you will never run out of ideas. And I know you’re thinking I can’t afford to buy everything at once, and you do not have too. Spices are easy to purchase at random places and shops and whenever I find one, I just throw it in the basket. As far as some other must haves you just need to shop smart.

How to shop smart?

· Buy Expensive spices in a bag instead of a prepacked container. Places like Fresh Market, World Market, and International food stores offer spices by weight, and it is easier to fill up.

· Always buy more than what you need. Especially for Broths, & canned beans. If you’re cooking tonight and need 2, buy 4. Tuck the others in the pantry for a future dinner.

· Restock all spices once a month. Especially the everydays.

· Go buy fresh produce at least twice a week. I buy what I need that day for dinner, and literally go back the next day. However, when garden season hits, I try only to buy at the farmers markets for anything I’m currently not growing.

· Whatever you can freeze…. Freeze!

Pantry Must Haves:

· Pasta (at least 2 varieties)

· Canned Beans (Chickpeas, Black Beans, Kidney Beans)

· Dry Beans (Garbanzo Beans, Navy, Lentil, Black)

· Broth/ Vegan or Vegetable

· Olive Oil/ Grape Seed Oil/ Avocado Oil (Yes, I buy all 3)

· Brown Rice

· Flour (Coconut & Wheat)

· Brown Sugar

Spices Must Haves:

· Black Pepper

· Cumin

· Turmeric

· Garlic Powder

· Onion Powder

· Celery Seeds

· Mustard Seeds

· Parsley

· Theme

· Sage

· Basil

· Paprika

Make your life easy buy staying stocked up and prepared that way you’ll always have the ability to create amazing meals with ordinary ingredients.