What should you plant in your garden for your Sun Sign?

Gardening is now the “In Thing” to do. It is really a no brainer as to why; it is beneficial to the planet, nature, insects, birds, your skin, your body weight, and your overall wellbeing. Anything that has to do with getting your hands dirty, and respecting Mother Nature should be good, and make you feel good about yourself. However, sometimes we just do not know what we should be growing. Herbs can be moody, flowers can cause allergic reactions, veggies can be attacked by insects, and the weather can destroy it all. I have been gardening since 2014 and every year I learn something new. Sometimes it helps the growth of the garden and other times I learn after an epic failure. None of it has stopped me from trying every year. So, I figured I would share a little trick I learned along the way of planting.

Our astrological Sun Signs have a direct affect of how we interact with the planet. Some of us by nature are more attentive to the land, drawn to get deep, while others are surface folks, and it is a bit harder to connect. That does not mean you cannot grow things, it just means certain plants, and herbs might be more difficult and need more attention from you. I have created a list of MUST HAVES in your garden for your Sun Sign. If the plant does not speak to you maybe try another plant/herb suggested in the same house as your sign. I.e.: (AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH) This might be a totally new plant to you, and it will be exciting it try something new.


· GEMINI – Lavender & Carrots

· LIBRA – Thyme & Roses

· AQUARIUS – Fennell & Kiwi


· AIRES – Poppy & Cayenne

· LEO – Sunflowers & Grapefruit

· SAGITTURAIUS – Saffron & Tomatoes


· CANCER – Sage & Watermelon

· SCORPIO – Basil & Hibiscus

· PISCES – Lemon Balm & Mugwort


· TAURUS – Catnip & Strawberries

· VIRGO – Buttercup & Dill Weed

· CAPRICORN – Rosemary & Mushrooms

So go ahead... GROW SOMETHING! Remember, Aprils homework was to get dirty and put your hands in the Earth. Today is EARTH DAY anyway, and we all need to take better care of our planet. She deserves so much from us, so we should do our part and produce what we eat, drink, and consume. Show Mother EARTH that we value here, and what we take, we certainly give back.

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