Which Witch are you? PT 1

A guide to help you find your inner witch.

We are always surrounded by magic, and some of us can feel it more than others. If you love the idea of creating magic, you probably have thought about what type of Witch you would be. Would you be a good witch or a bad one? Would you heal or create? Would you grow or destroy? Most of us it would depend on the day, which witch you would be, but some of us are the same type even without trying. Some witches do their work without ever focusing on the work aspect of it, and just move accordingly. These are the witches that are so in tuned to their universal duties that they never question the cosmic push. Every single soul here has a job to perform while they walk this planet. Of course, none of us will ever have any answers, but having some cosmic help never hurt anyone. So, let me help guide you in the right direction towards what area your magic may lie.

I would say in general there are about 10 different types of Witches. You can just decide which witch lifestyle speaks to you. You could choose because of your Sun Sign only, or maybe an element that speaks to your spirit or what I did was chose based on all 3 of my top houses. I like to think the stars help guide where your magic lies. So, it helps to know your 3 top Houses: Sun Sign, Moon Sign & Ascendant or Rising. First let us look at a few of the Top style Witches.


Green Witch: Earth Based Witch. Uses Herbs to heal. Magic is based with plants (Garden), or any earth element (Dirt, Rocks, Botanical) This witch uses essential oils for everything, and has homemade remedy for all illness. Usually very natural and Earthy based. The Goddess you know who walks everywhere bare foot, she lives in the forest and needs to be around nature at all times. You would never spot here in a Metro City for to long. A suggestion for this witch is to maintain a remarkably diverse all year Herb Garden: Sage, Fennel, Lavender, Basil, Aloe, Lemon Balm, Chamomile & Mugwort. Create a green sanctuary in your home where you can decompress after a long day. It you are feeling really pushed to the limit get your hands in dirt ASAP, and nap under a tree.

Fire Witch: Fire Based Witch. Uses candles, smoke, any burning technique to conjure her magic. The Fire Witch can be sort of a hot head and can have a temper. She is usually the witch that helps to burn it all down before the rebuilding can happen. She prefers the company of men, war, and combat. She is strong and can be very strategic with planning. She is extremely organized, but she lives on her emotions and can be pushed very easily. This Witch always has a cat that she is awfully close to, she loves bright colors, and prefers it hot. This witch needs to watch her temper at all times and listening completely before reacting is critical for this lady. Rest is important to because you have endless amount of energy until you have none. So being aware of your low fuel mark will help you to not need such a long recovery time when you do have battles.

Sea Witch: Water Based Witch. She uses water in every ritual or spell. This is the tea drinking woman, the crystal & seashell hoarder, with water placed everywhere in her home. She might live by water or visit very often. She takes lots of baths, and swims often. Her magic lies in the water and the connection to the mutable life force. This witch is only about healing and is drawn to soft colors of blues and greens. She is usually soft spoken and elusive. Make sure to maintain a connection to water at all times. Always hydrate, keep a small bottle of ocean water with you at all times for cleansing. You can easily be polluted, so protect your magic and energy by not allowing others to take advantage of you. When you feel overwhelmed take a long bath.

Fairy Witch: Fairies, Nymphs, Trolls Based Witch. She is connected to the Fae who work with the land (Mother Earth) and the Imagination. Animals trust this witch and will communicate with her very often. If animals find you everywhere they are looking to chat with you telepathically. These witches always have some type of wild flower in everything they make, they often feel like they are flying or have lots of dreams of flying. These witches are extremely respectable to nature and love all things living even the ugly bugs, and weeds. Everything has a purpose this witch may say often. This witch might not be easy to hold and may seem always distracted because she can hear the fairies speaking and never feel comfortable within this material world. If you are connected to the fairy dust world, I suggest going outside in the wee hours of the morning to watch the magic happen and speak with you real family. Also growing Foxgrove or plants that bring lots of movement to your garden is important. Rest under the flowers and keep grass in your hair.

Kitchen Witch: Food Based Witch. She uses all of earths resources for her magic. She is remarkably close to the Green witch in using herbs, essential oils, and plants in her rituals, but she prefers to do it over a pot, or cleaning. This witch has a kitchen that feels like a spell when you walk in. Her space has all things green, clean, with lots of homemade items, a variety of scents and spices, and a cabinet of herbs never even heard of. She is the only always feeding the family, or community and she knowns all about herbs that can heal but also kill. She creates spells before the intended know they have been entranced. This witch definitely has a Broom in her kitchen, a favorite knife, and of course a cast iron pot. She probably does not share well either when it comes to kitchen items and prefers to cook alone. But her food feels like magic every time, even the simple items feel like heaven. This witch is a giver by nature like the mother of witches and in return she can get drained easily and overindulgeto self-heal. I suggest when this witch gets over stressed to stop the hands from moving by moving the entire body. Go Play, run, dance, or sing. Work another part of your energy so you can create more magic.

Cosmic Witch: Star Based Witch, she uses the Stars, and Planets to perform her magic. She knows all the ins and outs of Astrology, horoscope, Zodiac Signs, and Moon Phases. She can tell you stories about distant witches because she can read the blueprint of the stars. This itch is moved by every moon phase and feels all the emotions. This witch might be a bit spacey and to some may talk in riddles, but she hears energy, and the universal language is not words but sounds. This witch is very in tune to sound, and musical and because of this she can get over stimulated very easily. To save your magic and sanity this witch should practice silent meditation often. No talking, no music, no reading. She feels vibrations and that never ends so protect yourself by daily limits of intake.

Hedge Witch: Spirit Based Witch. Similar to the Divination Witch she can talk to spirit, but she needs no tool. Her connection is to all energies. The spirit, the human, the in between. She is known as the jumper and can be here in one moment and gone the next. She is the generation witch. She knows stories of ancestors no one else knows, she is always older than everyone she knows, but still has so much life left. The Hedge Witch is the witch everyone has seen because she is depicted everywhere. She has witnessed all things, been all places, and experienced several life tragedies. She may be bruised a bit, but her soul has answers that we need. She will also have a home that looks like a magic store with remediesthat can be swallowed, rubbed, inhaled, and of course a spell for whatever situation you need. But this Witch can play on all sides of the spirit realm so be incredibly careful what you seek because she pulls from everywhere. This witch never rests, but she will disappear when she feels used. She is definitely the ghosting type.

Divination Witch: Other Realm Witch. She is usually your Tarot or Palm Reader, the Fortuneteller, The Sight Seer, the Prophet. Her connection is with the other world, and she can communicate with spaces you will never see. If you know before it happens every time, you can tell the end before the beginning happened, or can talk to spirits that are not physically present, you are one of the few chosen to be the communicator to both sides of the universe. Practice your Palm & Tarot every day. You should definitely keep pendants around everywhere, and you must disconnect often from the modern world often to maintain your energy fields. You can easily be drained and take on others energy (here & there) so protect yourself with meditation or alone time daily.

Yikes... that was a mouth full for sure but now let us jump into the Astrology of being a Witch. Every sign has a connection to a different witch, so maybe you are a Capricorn, and the suggestion is a Green Witch, but your Moon & Rising are a Leo which suggest you are a Fire Witch. You might be more drawn to Fire work, than growing anything. That does not mean you cannot be a Green Witch it just let us you know that your natural power or magic lies within the Fire. So,here is a list I think sums up each Astrological Sign as a Witch... (WANNA READ MORE? JOIN THE TRIBE FOR EXCLUSIVE BLOGS OR WAIT FOR PART 2...)

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